Wisconsin State Senator Fights Auto Insurance Rate Hikes

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State Senator Mary Lazich says that she insisted the removal of a state provision that would require car owners and motorists to take on additional coverage and in the process increase auto insurance premiums.

Wisconsin State Senator Fights Auto Insurance Rate HikesHer proposal amendment came up during early budget deliberations on the Wisconsin senate floor just last week.

In her blog “Conservatively Speaking”, Lazich criticized the provision, saying that with the current economic gloom gripping the nation, the state should not “encourage” motorists to do away with their car insurance.

Lazich explained that agents in the auto insurance industry confirmed a hike in auto insurance premiums this year. The agents also said that the recession is forcing policy holders to pay their premiums in installments, evidence which Lazich says, is the growing inability of the state’s residents to pay for their car insurance. She adds that they are also in danger of dropping their auto insurance, creating greater risks.

Lazich also wrote in her blog that the state should have mercy on its residents since the provision would in effect, penalize people trying to pay their bills and insurance dues.

The state senator also criticized Wisconsin’s inconsistent policies, saying that while it requires motorists to avail of added coverage, people suspected of driving violations can easily climb into their vehicles after a court appearance and drive away. She also cited the state’s inability to apprehend and deal with irresponsible motorists.

The senator, who has spent more than a decade in the legislature, adds that while car insurance rates in Wisconsin are lower compared to other states, any auto insurance hikes will be embarrassing for the state. Lazich added that the impending insurance increase is “unforgiveable” because of the current state of the economy.

In the end, however, senator Lazich’s amendment failed to materialize, garnering 15 votes against 18 votes.

Senator Lazich represents parts of four counties. According to her profile, she considers herself as a “tireless crusader” for lower taxes, smaller government, and reduced spending.