How to Get the Best Automobile Insurance Quotes in the Market

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The tough part about today’s global economic meltdown is the fact that we do have fixed costs – costs that we just cannot do without – and these costs are not decreasing at all. More than that, some are even increasing, which is precisely why it is best to educate ourselves on how to get the best automobile insurance quotes today. Here are some beneficial tips that you can use.

First, surf the internet. Do not rely on the yellow pages because this would just mean you won’t be able to maximize your time. With the internet, you can browse for quotes and offers in real time, and you can compare them as fast as well. All you have to do is conduct a price comparison and you will be able to narrow down your choices more accurately and efficiently.

Second, do a bit of haggling. If you already have an insurance company in mind and they have just given you a great offer, try to haggle a bit then. Tell your company that you are thinking of going for the offer given to you by another insurance company because it is a better one. You could even say that you are not that satisfied with your prospective company’s offer so you are thinking of looking for other offers. You’d be surprised how far this can get you.

Third, maintain a clean driving record. Insurance companies will look into your driving record, to see if you are indeed deserving to have the price of your monthly premiums lowered. If you have speeding tickets, parking tickets, DUI’s, and the like, then your chances of getting lower monthly premiums are very low. But if you have a spotless record, then your insurance company just might grant you this. Moreover, other insurance companies might enter the picture and offer you better and more affordable packages.

Fourth, go for coverage discounts. These discounts are very helpful in lowering your monthly premiums. Just make sure you do qualify for these discounts by installing safety features in your car, such as airbags, antilock brakes, and a hefty security system.

Fifth, go for low mileage discounts as well. Most insurance companies reward their clients who keep their annual mileage under certain limits. These translate to lower premiums and hefty savings in the long run.

Lastly, increase your deductibles. By paying a higher deductible each month, you actually decrease the costs of your insurance quotes. But do make sure you have sufficient money to cover for the additional costs of increasing your deductibles.